A. Gill, G. Kimmell, and K. Matlage, “Improving the presentation of technical material in video talks using post production,” in 2010 Midwest Section Conference of the American Society for Engineering Education, September 2010.



In this paper, we present our experiences using our image processing toolkit ChalkBoard and other video processing tools to post-process a pre-recorded conference talk. With inexpensive video cameras, video services like youtube.com and vimeo.com, and widely available and inexpensive video editing software, we expect this new media to be increasingly used as a mechanism to both promote research agendas and deliver technical content. In order to explore the use of such media in more detail, the Functional Programming group at KU recorded a technical talk and experimented with various post-processing tricks to enhance the value of the talk. Specifically, we fixed a common lensing issue in software, added small animations and pictures which matched the gestures of the actors, improved the visual quality of the slides being talked to, and experimented with a post-hoc zoom. Overall, the post-processing stage took considerably longer than anticipated, but did add perceivable value and impact to the final video.


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